[2015-12-02] - Updated ArchLinux installation guide.

+ added new menu css for 'Back' and 'Next' when using multiple parts in a guide.

Projects/ArchLinux Installation
+ Split down the large page into smaller parts.
+ Added the new css menu to navigate between the parts.
+ Updated some information in the guide.

[2015-11-11] - Changed links.

+ Viktor pointed out that it was hard to tell the difference between a link and non-link with the color scheme I use for the website. The links now have left and right border, hovering over them changes size and color alpha.

Here are the old and new look for links:

OLD link

Old link was only clickable on the topic and not on the description. The link text and description was at the same position as the text for rest of the website.

NEW link

Now you can click the description to use a link. New link text and description have been moved in abit to make the border stand out.

[2015-11-10] - Added SSH Agent and mounting usb-stick.

Projects/SSH security
+ Added description how to use an agent for keys on both linux and windows.

Projects/Mount a drive
+ Added description how to mount a usb-stick having vfat filesystem.

[2015-11-06] - Added security to SSH.

Projects/SSH security
+ Added description how to change from password usage over SSH to using public and private keys. The guide also contains how to generate the keys on windows and linux.

[2015-10-14] - Design finished.

+ The design has been finished for a while but havn't been moved until now. Moved the documented projects and data from my previous design. Information needs to be checked for spelling errors but I feel happy over the design.